Custom frames for pictures, paintings and mirrors. Made to any size, hand cut one by one.
  Vauci uses only real leather.  Nothing quite compares to the smell, look and feel of real authentic leather.  Real leather frames are very strong, easy to clean and ages beautifully over the years.
  At the core of every Vauci frame is premium poplar wood. Solid and guaranteed not to warp.
  Impressive frame widths up to 8”.
  Can be tailored 1” (2.5cm) deeper for applications that need to sit flat to the wall's surface.
  Easy assembly. Stainless steel corner connectors of industrial strength provided.
  Back side of the frames is beautifully finished in felt protecting the wall’s surface.
  Ultra-slim wall mount comes standard for a finished look.
  Arrives complete ready to assembly in 2 to 4 weeks.

Embossed Leather

Vauci embossed leathers are made of quality real leather and simulate the patterns of popular animal skin and motif designs.  Introduce a hint of exotic fashion to your space. This leather has been stamped with steel engraved plates creating eye-catching designs and rich color tones throughout. Embossed leather will give one of a kind touch to your Vauci Frame, displaying your unique taste. Choose from a large selection of patterns, colors and textures to match your surrounding décor.

The Croc   The Snake
The “Croc” embossed leather is inspired by the beautiful texture and patterns of the croc’s belly. The belly of the crocodile shows the most resilient tones and unique markings than any other location on its surface. This embossed leather emulates the superior boldness and organic feel of just that. Crocodile leather hides are one of the most sought-after exotic skins in the world. The crocodile design is a collectible treasure that can be passed down through generations.   The unique structure of the snake’s skin is shown beautifully in our embossed leather pattern. This eye catching leather shows texture patterns that blend seamlessly together. Now you can add the breathtaking patterns snake skins offer to create a dynamic impact in your space.
The Ostrich    
The Ostrich embossed leather has a uniquely bumpy texture, usually referred to as quills which marks it as a extremely sophisticated prime elegant leather. The exclusive pattern of quill give ostrich the distinguished look that is sought after by many. We offer different colorations to match your décor.  

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Offering over 600 different variations, made to size for you!

Vauci is available in many different frames and leathers, and everything is made to size. In total we offer around 700 different variations, and we try to offer a wide variety for every taste and application. If you are looking for something that we don't seem to offer, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to see if we can supply this to you.

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