Fleur de lis-Antique-18303
Fleur de lis-ABeige-18304
Fleur de lis-Red-18302
Wild Flowers-Black-16202
Wild Flowers-Ivory-16204
Wild Flowers-Ivory-16106
Madagascar-Cafe con Leche-16903
Woven Leather-Brown-16401
Florence-Copper Yellow-16250
Florence-Copper Green-16251

Discover our bespoke framing service for photos, artwork, and mirrors at Vauci.it. Individually handcrafted to your specific dimensions, each frame is a unique creation tailored to your needs.

At Vauci, we pride ourselves on utilizing genuine leather for our frames. The unmatched aroma, appearance, and texture of authentic leather sets our products apart. Our real leather frames offer exceptional durability, effortless maintenance, and age gracefully over time.

At the heart of every Vauci frame lies high-quality poplar wood, ensuring a solid foundation and a warp-free guarantee.

Boasting remarkable frame widths up to 8 inches, our frames cater to a variety of preferences.

For a flush appearance, we offer customization with an additional 1-inch (2.5cm) depth to seamlessly align with the wall’s surface.

Effortless assembly is guaranteed, as we provide robust stainless steel corner connectors of industrial strength for secure construction.

The rear side of our frames features a refined felt finish, ensuring protection for your wall’s surface.

An ultra-slim wall mount is included as standard, providing a polished appearance.

Expect your complete, ready-to-assemble frame within 2 to 4 weeks.

The Motifs

Welcome to the designer's haven, where Vauci offers a wealth of exquisite motifs crafted from first-layer leathers, boasting resilience, striking highlights, and deep shadows. From symmetrical prints to graphic patterns and unique designs, our embossed leather motifs cater to every distinctive style.

Imagine adding the perfect touch of color to your space, harmoniously complementing your existing pieces. You'll find precisely that with Vauci's embossed leather motifs.